Integrated Database

Preferences of citizens, parties, governments, and stakeholders on differentiated integration

The InDivEU integrated database is a new key resource for research on differentiated integration (DI). It does not only provide a synthesis of existing datasets on DI, but also includes new empirical data based on the research conducted within the InDivEU project.

The InDivEU database presents information on the DI preferences of citizens, political parties, governments, and stakeholders. The database will be continuously updated throughout the project lifetime. 

For more information on the research design and implementation, see the InDviEU report here

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Citizens’ DI Preferences

This section is dedicated to data on citizens preferences about differentiated integration.

Parties’ DI Preferences

This section is dedicated to data on the preferences of political parties regarding differentiated integration.

Governments’ DI Preferences

This section is dedicated to data on governmental preferences about differentiated integration. Download each report by clicking on the country name from the list below.

Stakeholders’ DI Preferences

This section contains data on the DI preferences of key stakeholders from seven EU member states. The data was collected in seven workshops in a participatory bottom-up process.

Stakeholder Forums Summary Report