Communication and Dissemination Report

The InDivEU Communication and Dissemination Report (Volumes I and II) comprises two project deliverables (D10.4 and D10.7) covering months 1-18 and 19-36 of the project’s lifetime respectively. It aims at collecting in a single resource detailed information about the main outreach events where the InDivEU project and its findings were presented, as well as about the InDivEU newsletter, a key tool for the dissemination of project activities and results. This public resource will allow interested readers to delve into the substance of the discussions ongoing in the framework of the InDivEU project on key issues of differentiation and the Future of Europe. With this in mind, the scope of the InDivEU Communication and Dissemination Report cover the following activities:

  • Project newsletters
  • Reports from centralised project events (InDivEU kick-off, mid-term and final conference)
  • Reports from decentralised project events

Read the report to know more about the scope of the project communication activities.