The InDivEU consortium consists of 14 partner institutions. More than 30 researchers from the European Union and neighboring countries are currently working on the project.

European University Institute (EUI) 

Brigid Laffan is Director of the Schuman Centre, and Director of the Global Governance Programme at the EUI.  

Richard Bellamy is Director of the Max Weber Programme at the EUI since in 2014. Before that, he was Professor of Political Science and Director of the European Institute, which he founded, at University College London. 

Lorenzo Cicchi is Research Associate at the EUI and Coordinator of the European Governance and Politics Programme at the Robert Schuman Centre.

Paolo Chiocchetti is Research Associate at the European Governance and Politics Programme, working on the InDivEU project. Before joining the EUI, he worked as Lecturer in British Politics at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

Deirdre Curtin joined the European University Institute in 2014 as joint European Law Chair for the Department of Law and the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies. 

Bruno De Witte is Professor of European Union Law at Maastricht University, and part-time Professor at the Robert Schuman Centre of the EUI.  

Philipp Genschel joined the EUI in 2014 as joint chair in European Public Policy at the Department of Social and Political Science and at the Schumann Centre. He is on leave from Jacobs University Bremen and the University of Bremen in Germany.  

Sandra Kröger is a senior lecturer at the University of Exeter, UK. She previously was a lecturer at Bremen University, a Marie Curie Fellow in Exeter, a Fellow at the Hanse Wissenschaftskolleg in Delmenhorst and a Robert Schumann Fellow at the EUI.  

Luigi Pedreschi is Research Associate at the European Governance and Politics Programme, working on the InDivEU project. Previous to that, he was a PhD researcher at the EUI Law department.

Joanne Scott joined the EUI in 2017 as Professor of European Law in the Department of Law. Before that time, Joanne Scott was Professor of European Law at University College London. 

Stefan Telle is Research Associate at the European Governance and Politics Programme, working on the InDivEU project. Before joining the EUI, he was a Leibniz Fellow at Leipzig University. 

ETH Zürich 

Frank Schimmelfennig is Professor of European Politics at ETH Zürich, the Director of CIS and the Director of Studies of the Master Programme in Comparative and International Studies.  

Hertie School of Governance 

Mark Dawson is Professor of European Law and Governance. Previously he was an Assistant Professor at Maastricht University, where he remains a scholar within the Maastricht Centre for European Law.  

Henrik Enderlein is President and Professor of Political Economy at the Hertie School as well as Director of the Jacques Delors Institute Berlin.    

Markus Jachtenfuchs  is Professor of European and Global Governance at the Hertie School of Governance and Director of the Jacques Delors Institute Berlin.  

Liechtenstein Institute 

Christian Frommelt is Director of the Liechtenstein Institute and Director for Brexit Studies at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Justice and Culture of Liechtenstein.  

London School of Economics 

Simon Hix is Harold Laski Professor of Political Science, Department of Government and Fellow of the British Academy, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.  

Masaryk University Brno 

Robert Zbíral works as Assistant Professor at the Law Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno, where he teaches mainly constitutional and EU law.  

Hubert Smekal co-founded the Czech Centre for Human Rights and Democratization and serves as a member of the Human Rights Council of the Czech Government.  

Sabanci University Istanbul 

Meltem Müftüler-Baç is Professor of International Relations and Jean Monnet chair at Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey.  

Trans European Policy Studies Association 

Mariam Khotenashvili, M.A. is TEPSA’s Executive Director. She is responsible for the daily management of the association and for TEPSA’s strategic and annual planning in close cooperation with the Board. 

Giulia Bonacquisti is TEPSA’s Project Manager. She is responsible for the implementation of several Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+ projects and is involved in the organisation of TEPSA’s seminars and professional trainings. 

Prof. Dr. Michael Kaeding is a Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration and European Union Politics at the University of Duisburg-Essen. He is also a Visiting Professor at the Turkish-German University and at the College of Europe, where he teaches a course on Differentiated Integration. He served as TEPSA’s Chairman in 2016-2019 and is now a member of TEPSA’s Honorary Board.

University of Aberdeen 

Michael Keating, Professor, holds the Chair in Scottish Politics at the University of Aberdeen. He is also part-time professor at the University of Edinburgh and Director of the Centre on Constitutional Change. 

University of Amsterdam 

Jonathan Zeitlin is Distinguished Faculty Professor of Public Policy and Governance in the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, and Academic Director of UvACCESS EUROPE. 

Maria Weimer is Assistant Professor of EU Law and senior research affiliate at ACELG. Before joining ACELG, she worked as a post-doctoral researcher and lecturer at the Department of International and European Law of Maastricht University.   

Bernardo Rangoni is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Amsterdam. Prior to this, he was a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute (EUI), right after having earned a PhD in Political Science from the London School of Economics (LSE). 

Theresa Kuhn is Associate Professor in Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. Previously, she worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at Nuffield College at the University of Oxford. 

Jan-Herman Reestman is Associate Professor of Constitutional Law in the Faculty of Law of the University of Amsterdam.  

University of Exeter

Sandra Kröger is Senior Lecturer at the University of Exeter and is interested in topics related to democracy in the EU and European integration.

Marta Lorimer is Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Exeter. Her work is focused on the normative foundations of differentiated integration in the European Union.

University of Pula 

Marta Božina BerošAssociate Professor, joined the UniPu in March 2009 as member of FET’s Chair of Finance, where she teaches on EU financial regulation and EMU.  

University of Utrecht 

Sebastiaan Princen is Associate Professor in the field of governance and policymaking in the European Union.  

Ton Van Der Brink is Associate Professor of European Law at the Europa Institute of Utrecht University. He is a member of the management team of the Utrecht Centre for Regulation and Enforcement in Europe.  

Elaine Mak is Professor of Jurisprudence at Utrecht University. In her research, she focuses on the functioning of the institutions of government in Western liberal democracies in an evolving legal context.  

Alex Hoppe is a PhD candidate and Assistant Professor in Law, Economics and Governance at Utrecht University School of Governance

Michael Hübner is PhD candidate in Law, Economics and Governance at Utrecht University School of Governance

University of Warsaw 

Wojciech Gagatek is Assistant Professor at the Institute of Political Science, Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, UW.  

Patrycja Dąbrowska-Kłosińska PhD (Law) joined the UW’s Centre for Europe in 2007. She belongs to an EU law team engaged in both teaching and interdisciplinary research on EU and global issues.  

 Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 

Catherine de Vries is a Chair and Professor of Political Behaviour in Europe in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at the Free University Amsterdam.  

Lisanne de Blok is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at the Free University Amsterdam.