List of publications addressing the topic of Differentiated Integration, published in the framework of the InDivEU project.

Project Deliverables

Working paper by Richard Bellamy, Sandra Kröger, Marta Lorimer on ‘Normative foundations and political party
views of differentiated integration’

Policy brief by Paolo Chiocchetti on ‘Love thy neighbour 2035: three scenarios for external differentiation’

Policy brief by Paolo Chiocchetti on ‘European landscapes 2035: four scenarios for internal differentiation’

Policy brief by Frank Schimmelfenning: ‘Differentiated integration and the future of Europe: potentials and pitfalls’

Working Paper by Paolo Chiocchetti on ‘Design principles for efficient and legitimate differentiated integration schemes’

Working Paper by Jan-Herman Reestman on ‘National constitutional obstacles to differentiated integration’

Working Paper by Stefan Telle, Claudia Badulescu, Daniel Fernandes on ‘Differentiated integration in the EU : what do the member states ‘think’ about it?’

Publication cover: Christian Frommelt

Working Paper by Christian Frommelt on ‘Institutional challenges for external differentiated integration: the case of the EEA’

Publication cover: Luigi Pedreschi and Joanne Scott

Working Paper by Luigi Pedreschi and Joanne Scott on ‘External differentiated integration: legal feasibility and constitutional acceptability’

Publication cover: Frank Schimmelfenning and Thomas Winzen

Working Paper by Frank Schimmelfenning and Thomas Winzen: ‘Differentiated EU integration: Maps and Modes’

Publication cover: Dominik Schraff and Frank Schimmelfenning

Working Paper by Dominik Schraff and Frank Schimmelfenning: ‘Does Differentiated Integration Strengthen the Democratic Legitimacy of the EU? Evidence from the 2015 Danish Opt-out Referendum’

Publication Cover. Working Paper by Bruno De Witte

Working Paper by Bruno De Witte: ‘The Law as Tool and Constraint of Differentiated Integration’

Publication Cover. Working Paper by Richard Bellamy and Sandra Kröger

Working Paper by Richard Bellamy and Sandra Kröger: ‘Differentiated Integration as a Fair Scheme of Cooperation’

Additional Publications

Božina Beroš, Marta and Gnip Grdović, Ana, Differentiated integration in the EU: What does Croatia want?, Article published on Sage Journals, 2021

Bellamy, Richard, Kröger, Sandra, and Lorimer, Marta, Party Views on Differentiated Integration, Article published on Comparative European Politics 16. pp.622-641, 2021

Bellamy, Richard and Kröger, Sandra. Differentiated Integration as a Fair Scheme of Cooperation, Article published on Review of Social Economy, 2021

Kröger, Sandra and Patberg, Markus (eds.), Special Issue: Democratic Challenges of Differentiated (Dis)Integration, Swiss Political Sciences Review 27.3, 2021

Kröger, Sandra, Bellamy, Richard, Countering democratic backsliding by EU Member States: constitutional pluralism and ‘value’ differentiated integration, Article published on Wiley Online Library, 2021

Kröger, Sandra, Lorimer, Marta and Bellamy, Richard, The democratic dilemmas of differentiated integration: the views of political party actors, Article published on Wiley Online Library, 2021

Bertolini, Elena and Dawson, Mark , Fundamental Rights as Constraints to and Triggers for Differentiated Integration, Article published on Wiley Online Library, 2021

Muftuler-Bac, Meltem and Gafuri, Adea, Caught between stability and democracy in the Western Balkans: a comparative analysis of paths of accession to the European Union, East European Politics, 2020

Mack, Sebastian, How Does Differentiated Integration Work in the EU Financial Sector?, Policy Paper published by Hertie School, Jaque Delors Centre, 2020

Badulescu, Claudia, Integrating diversity or fostering cleavages? : differentiated integration in the EU: a view from Romania, Article for Young Initiative on Foreign Affairs and International Relations, 2020

Schraff, Dominik and Schimmelfennig, Frank, Does differentiated integration strengthen the democratic legitimacy of the EU?, Article published in European Politics, 2020

Rangoni, Bernardo, Electricity Regulation in the European Union: Uniform, Differentiated or Experimentalist?, Paper published at Social Science Research Network

Schimmelfennig, Frank, Crise et réforme de l’Union européenne. L’intégration différenciée est-elle la réponse?, Article for Le Grand Continent

Muftuler-Bac, Meltem and Cihangir-Tetik, Damla, ‘A Comparison of Development Assistance Policies: Turkey and the European Union in the Fields of Humanitarian and Sectoral Aid’Journal of European Integration, forthcoming 2020 (SSCI)

Zeitlin, Jonathan and Brito Bastos, Filipe, ‘SSM and the SRB accountability at European level: room for improvements?’In-depth Analysis Requested by ECON Committee

Fromage, Diane and Bruno de Witte (eds), ‘Recent Evolutions in the Economic and Monetary Union and the European Banking Union: A Reflection’Maastricht Faculty of Law Working Papers 2019/03

Keating, Michael,  ‘Can the Anglo-Scottish Union Survive Brexit?’, Revue française de civilization britannique, XXIV-4 (2019)

Muftuler-Bac, Meltem, European Neighbourhood Policy, in Finn Laursen (ed.), Oxford Encylopedia on the European Union. Oxford: Oxford University, 2019

Rangoni, Bernardo and Jonathan Zeitlin, ‘Is Experimentalist Governance Self-Limiting or Self-Reinforcing? Strategic Uncertainty and Recursive Rulemaking in EU Electricity Regulation’Amsterdam Centre for European Studies (ACES) Research Paper No. 2019/7 (2019)

Schimmelfennig, Frank, ‘Negotiating Differentiated Disintegration in the European Union‘, in Gänzle, Stefan, Benjamin Leruth and Jarle Trondal (eds.), Differentiated Integration and Disintegration in a Post-Brexit Era. London: Routledge, pp. 19-35, 2020