List of publications addressing the topic of Differentiated Integration, published in the framework of the InDivEU project.

Project Deliverables

Working Paper by Frank Schimmelfenning ans Thomas Winzen: ‘Differentiated EU integration: Maps and Modes’

Publication cover: Dominik Schraff and Frank Schimmelfenning

Working Paper by Dominik Schraff and Frank Schimmelfenning: ‘Does Differentiated Integration Strengthen the Democratic Legitimacy of the EU? Evidence from the 2015 Danish Opt-out Referendum’

Publication Cover. Working Paper by Bruno De Witte

Working Paper by Bruno De Witte: ‘The Law as Tool and Constraint of Differentiated Integration’

Publication Cover. Working Paper by Richard Bellamy and Sandra Kröger

Working Paper by Richard Bellamy and Sandra Kröger: ‘Differentiated Integration as a Fair Scheme of Cooperation’

Additional Publications

Zeitlin, Jonathan and Brito Bastos, Filipe, ‘SSM and the SRB accountability at European level: room for improvements?’In-depth Analysis Requested by ECON Committee

Fromage, Diane and Bruno de Witte (eds), ‘Recent Evolutions in the Economic and Monetary Union and the European Banking Union: A Reflection’Maastricht Faculty of Law Working Papers 2019/03

Keating, Michael,  ‘Can the Anglo-Scottish Union Survive Brexit?’, Revue française de civilization britannique, XXIV-4 (2019)

Muftuler-Bac, Meltem, European Neighbourhood Policy, in Finn Laursen (ed.), Oxford Encylopedia on the European Union. Oxford: Oxford University, 2019

Rangoni, Bernardo and Jonathan Zeitlin, ‘Is Experimentalist Governance Self-Limiting or Self-Reinforcing? Strategic Uncertainty and Recursive Rulemaking in EU Electricity Regulation’Amsterdam Centre for European Studies (ACES) Research Paper No. 2019/7 (2019)

Schimmelfennig, Frank, ‘Negotiating Differentiated Disintegration in the European Union‘, in Gänzle, Stefan, Benjamin Leruth and Jarle Trondal (eds.), Differentiated Integration and Disintegration in a Post-Brexit Era. London: Routledge, pp. 19-35, 2020